Saturday, 7 July 2012

city weeds watercolours

come and do some painting with me tomorrow afternoon between 12 & 4, PS squared 18 Donegall Street, Belfast

Each Sunday will be curated and carried out by different lead artists with a distinct theme and visual realization. The programme will consist of creative workshops, walks, games, performances, sound, mess and beauty; and are free and open to participate, observe or view from a distance.
Within the changing activities, some elements will be consistent.
Each Sunday, PS² will set up
- a small artist run Café with free tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cookies… as a place of non-commercial rest;
- have Sunday papers and parts of PS²‘s art library on display;
- serve as info point for all Cathedral Quarter Sunday activities;
- be a hangout and meeting place.
The ‘Squared Sundays’ will use the Cathedral Quarter as stage and subject for responsive interactions and happenings, which not only should bring leisurely fun, but also- and important for our artist organisation- a re-engagement with the urban environment and civic reclaim of public space. They reflect the diversity of our inner city environment and offers possibilities to experience, engage and transform our surroundings with fantasy and playfulness.